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Pokemon: Underground

Pokemon: Underground was an intensive story project in collaboration with writer Melissa Colley. The fan-project pushed and expanded my skills in story boards,

composition, panel play, and narrative works. Many character designs, creature reimagining, and location builds were hammered out over the 4 year project. The

following are several choice excerpts from the series, in story chronological order.

8 years ago, the Takeshi clan falls in a Coup D'état.

Way of the Fearow

Morning Coffee

Sol and Lyra are faced with the harsh realization: their get-away wasn't as clean as they had hoped.

Little Lies

As the Official spokesperson for the Rocketeers, James is forced to lie on the Silph-Scope show about a black-ops agent known as "The Hellhound"

A Wild Fearow Attacks!

Sighting an endangered species is considered good-luck, but as Sol and Lyra are pursued into the Pewter province wilderness, that luck is tested.

The Temple

Tying to not blow his cover after witnessing a ritual sacrifice in a remote Viridian temple, Raith continues his investigation into the strange fossil from the lab.


With news of Takeshi Brock restoring his clan spreading, protest against the Rocketeer regime grows.

    Joy and the circle try to manage the unrest, as Rocket unleashes one if its cruelest agents.


Leaving the eggs with the Viridian nomads, Sol and Lyra depart. Chief Yahto decides to join Brock's  march against Rocket


Charlie's allegience is brought into question when she is visited by Chief inspector James.


Lyra presses Sol to talk about his mother, a woman who claims to be a psychic hiding across the Johto border.

Adventures on the Road

           As Sol and Lyra try to lay low, they grow closer through several nights of booze, fights, music, and lust.

Meet me in Viridian City

Raith finally gets a phone signal after several days in the woods, and tries his best to make new plans with a distracted Sol

Joy's Wrath

Whilst Raith, Sol, and Lyra are rendezvousing in Viridian, Joy goes on the warpath in the Saffron province capitol; hunting down the whereabouts of Lt. Surge.


The road weary rebels are apprehended by the Viridian police after their encounter with the Hellhound.

Fortunately, the VPD has no allegience to Rocket, and the Sergeant has history with on of the trio.

Carrier Pidgey

Someone is coordinating alliegences between the Takeshi clan and the Aurelian city rebels of Saffron, but to what end?

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